Latex math: align at multiple places -- alignat


It is possible to align equations to multiple places in latex, using alignat. However, the answers I found are mostly example-based. However however, I got it to work (below). First: decide how many sections you want. The number of sections is the argument for alignat{3} in this example. Then use a & to start the line, and && in between sections. You can label each line.

Here’s some relevant StackOverflow answers. First, Second.

Here’s a minimal working example, and the output, below the example.

Latex MWE:




  & A + B  && = C && \label{eq:line1} \\ 
  & D  && = E + 1, && \; \; \forall D \ge 0 \label{eq:line2}

Refs: Eq.s \ref{eq:line1} and \ref{eq:line2}.


And the output is:

latex output

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