My PhD is in electrical and computer engineering, and I am concerned with solving automation problems in the agricultural domain. Generally speaking, I try to develop algorithms and systems to perceive aspects of plants for agricultural automation and plant phenotyping using computer vision and robotics.

I started life on a farm, part of a extended farming family in West Virginia. I went to Sweet Briar College (Virginia, USA), a small liberal arts college, and double-majored in Math/Computer Science (one degree) and Music. I spent my third year of undergrad at the University of York, England, U.K. studying Music and Mathematics. Following Sweet Briar, I went to Duke University and received a M.A. in musicology. After a year’s break programming for work, I went to Purdue University for my PhD in electrical and computer engineering. Coincidentally, I now live very close to where I grew up.

My longest running projects have dealt with the estimation and characterization of plant shoot or tree shape from color camera data. For all of the gory details, see my CV.

This website was constructed through the use of the Hyde/Poole themes, generated by Jeykll. The site is hosted at Github. In 2020, I started changing parts of the website, and at this point it is also a mix of some elements of other themes too, one of my favorites now is Minimal Mistakes.

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