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This is where my long-form writing is – in other words, the blog. Shorter notes are at TIL.

Last update 21 August, 2020


Academic papers.


Suppose you want to model some cameras, calibrated according to the computer vision conventions we all know and love, in OpenGL. How?

Academic conferences.

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Geometric Camera Calibration Webinar.

I gave a webinar, “Transforming pixels to millimeters: Geometric camera calibration”, for the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) on geometric camera calibration. This webinar is tailored for plant biologists, and the types of problems they may want to solve within the plant phenotyping context. However, the webinar would also be appropriate if you are working on 2D computer vision/image processing and want a big picture view of geometric camera calibration.

Twitter cards.

I recently figured out what Twitter cards were. My first searches were “why do my links in Twitter look so terrible?” The answer: I didn’t have Twitter card markup in the links from two websites – this one (Jekyll), and a WordPress one for the technical committee I co-chair. So here’s some notes on how I fixed that:

Professional Development Notes for ECRs in ECE and CS.

What’s an ECR? Early Career Researcher.


Suppose you have no illustions of being a DevOps expert, but do want to release your research-grade code to the world with Docker. How do you do it? That’s the point of these posts, from an Ubuntu-centric, C++-biased viewpoint.

Docker: What’s the deal with WORKDIR?

Using Docker to generate websites with Jekyll: a howto.

Docker and FastAI: a tutorial to get set up to go through v2 course materials.

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