Jekyll upgrade.

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(This is a ‘Today I Realized’.. post)

I couldn’t get my website to generate locally with jekyll serve, which is a pain. I was playing around with another Jekyll site, had to install a bunch of stuff, and my personal machine is still running Ubuntu 16.04. At the time, I thought the problem was all the stuff I installed, some mismatch. In a signal of frustration, I created a Docker container to generate the site, documented here. This works pretty well.

Well, this week while trying to work out how to get excerpts to work, I tried another version of this template. Turns out it didn’t work, even with my Docker image! The error messages pointed me to the Jekyll upgrade page. Hmmm.

In the end, I figured out I needed to update all of my Jekyll-related packages: just install what is working in the Dockerfile full Dockerfile shown here. This is now so obvious in hindsight.

sudo apt-get -y install ruby-full build-essential zlib1g-dev

sudo apt-get -y install ruby-bundler

Now jekyll serve works, but I did have to delete the .jekyll-cache directory because of permissions.

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