How to get RSS set up on non-post pages.

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I am a new user of RSS, and I wanted to set it up on my website. The template I use allows this easily in an atom.xml file for blog posts. But I have longer form writing at another part of the site that I would want to include too, but not all of it, from the beginning of time. Ok, so the file looked like this from the template:

Illustration of the default atom.xml file

(I am posting an image, because otherwise the html will be filled in with all of the values of this site. Anyone have a solution to display literal html code? PLEASE let me know, I hate this workaround.)

So this atom.xml file will automatically update RSS feeds with new content from a _posts folder. I have one of those.

adding to the atom.xml file, new layout!

So I had the idea that I could introduce a new layout, and the pages with this layout would get added to the feed. The layout is indexedpage, and the additional content to atom.xml is :

Illustration of the default atom.xml file

and the full file (but text, so again, it will not fill in the values of this site) is here.

The new layout.

The indexedpage layout basically copies from the page layout I am using for my longer-form posts.

Illustration of the default atom.xml file

Use the layout in a page, with a date.

yaml header of a page with indexedpage layout

Then try to use the new layout in a page. The date for RSS must be in the YYYY-MM-DD format, as I learned. Otherwise, specify your layout, title, and date, and you’re good to go. Test with an RSS feed reader such as FeedBro, which you can test even locally.

I like this solution, because I can choose which items get put in the RSS feed, or not. Some you may want to go straight to the feed, others to sit for a few days, whatever. Then change the layout (which is really a flag, doesn’t really change formatting), and it is in the feed.

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