Documentation in FastAI, nbdev.

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You’re going to find some utterly newbie / neophyte - python / FastAI stuff in the TIL section (I don’t know, maybe I need more slashes?!) in the coming weeks and months, to which I say, “I don’t care.” If I can’t figure it out without asking, then someone else is in the same situation.

So I had heard a lot about nbdev, and I knew that it linked up somehow with making documentation searchable. But I didn’t know how I could access the source code from a Jupyter notebook, with some code that had been indexed (right term? don’t know) with nbdev. So to the forums!

Answer is here, first you need to have nbdev installed, which I did, import,

from nbdev.showdoc import * 

then use doc(myfunc). A box with the function’s documentation will appear.

This is super cool, from there you can go to the source and take a look at the function.

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