Remembering how to install Docker in 2021.

docker ubuntu

I’ve been transitioning over to a machine with Ubuntu 20.04 on it, tried to install Docker with

sudo apt install docker

and remembered, slowly, that is not the way to install Docker!

So, this is the way. Plus, I had not previously set up a group before, which I did this time.

Follow the instructions from Docker’s website for an Ubuntu install, including the keys and all that happy stuff. I do the ‘install using the repository’ method.

Then, there are post-installation instructions to manage Docker as a non-root user, which as the very least, is super convenient (no more sudo!). I did have to run

newgrp docker 

to get all of this to work. Also, I had been bludering along and so had to delete the ~/.docker/ directory as specified on this page.

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