Latex: tables with notes -- threeparttable


I recently learned how to create tables in latex that would allow a panel for notes at the bottom, in the style of many biology papers. The tool? threeparttable.

Here’s a minimal working example, and the output, below the example. I attempted to get some hyperlinking to work via footnotes, labels, references, and various combinations of those items, but eventually abandoned linking. (Please let me know if you know how to get linking from the symbol to the note to work!)

Latex MWE:



\caption{Great caption}
   \begin{tabular}{|c | c | c | c | c | c |}
    Col0 & Col1 & Col2 & Col3 & Col4 & Col5\\
    A & B & C$^\dagger$ & D & E$^\dagger$ & F \\
    G & H$^\ddagger$ & I & J & K & L \\
	\small {
	\item{ $\dagger$ note about this item}
	\item $\ddagger$ another note}


And the output is:

latex output

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