Scheduling Mastodon posts with FediLab.

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I learned from Conor O’Sullivan that there is a post scheduler available for Mastodon. I was thrilled as I have been searching for a post scheduler since I joined Mastodon about a month ago.

The scheduler is FediPlan, an open source project. It works well and can handle photos.

One potential source of confusion – once you get logged in, there are blue Send and Start upload buttons. The Send button schedules the post, while Start upload uploads your attachments. (There’s the option to add a lot of files, and then Start Upload, or upload them one by one.)

There’s some types of posts that I prefer to schedule, versus write out at the moment. One is photo posts; I get in a certain mode to schedule a bunch of them and write out the alt text. The other is when I am up at 2am, and I schedule a post that is usually about a technical subject. I want to post something, but don’t want to at 2am. (Why? is a good question to ask here, I guess I don’t want people to know my schedule.) So I compose the post while I am thinking about it, and it goes out to the Fediverse without having to remember, “tomorrow, I would like to post about x, y, z.”

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