Focus and autofocus troubleshooting with a teleconverter

autofocus nikon photography teleconverter

Two issues come up on occasion with focus and auto-focus so I decided to write about them.

The first is when I’m working with different lenses, but more frequently, am taking pictures with different glasses (sigh), I need to adjust the diopter adjust control for the viewfinder. This is 11 in the diagram for my camera, below. What I’ll do is point the camera at something easy for the auto-focus, like a tree trunk, and then adjust until it looks sharp to my eye.

Screenshot of a camera manual, showing the diopter adjustment control

The other issue is that the auto-focus will occasionally just quit when I’m using my 200-500mm lens with a teleconverter. Auto-focus with teleconverters is already not as good as without teleconverters, and the depth of field is so shallow with those type of lenses that it is tough to work without auto-focus to give you at least some initial place to start.

This article, by Lily Sawyer, has some good troubleshooting tips. From experience, what works best for me is disconnecting the teleconverter from the lens, and reconnecting, as well as rebooting the camera.

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