Installing MS Teams client on Ubuntu.

ms-teams ubuntu

If you are unlucky enough to have to use Microsoft’s Teams, and you use Linux, I am crying with you. This is how I got the desktop client to install. (The web client does not have all of the functionality of the desktop client.) I’ll mention that this is for both kids’ virtual school, and I don’t get to use it and figure it out.

So installing Microsoft’s Debian package initially did not work. (Here’s the packages.). Like, I installed, and then nothing. I had downloaded through Firefox, and was on Ubuntu 16.04. Oh, and video call do not work in the web client with Firefox, you have to use Chrome/Chromium (shudder).

Finally, after attempting to get the microphone to work, after it had been working, I tried to download the Debian package AGAIN, but through Chromium, and what do you know! It installed and worked. I was even able to do a test call and fix some of the device issues.

Verdict: I hate Teams as a product that is being forced on me by my kid’s school system. If I had known they were using Teams, I would have configured these machines differently, but ….

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